What to Do before Selling Your Old iPad

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If you have decided that it is time to sell iPad, there are steps you need to take before passing it over to a new owner. It is not just a matter of placing an ad and selling the device. After all, your private information, including passwords, financial information, photos, etc., is stored on the device, and you don’t want this information to end up in the hands of a stranger. Also, if you take the time to clean up the device, you are going to get a lot more money for it. Here are the things you need to do before selling your old iPad.


Internal Cleaning

The first thing you need to do is clean the device internally. This does not mean that you should take it apart and clean it. What it does mean is that you need to wipe the device clean of all of your personal information, apps, etc. Do not manually delete your information, calendars, reminders, and other iCloud information while you are still signed in with your Apple ID. You could end up losing everything you have stored in the iCloud servers, on any of your devices.


To begin, tap on settings > iCloud. Then, scroll down and tap on Sign Out. If you are in iOS 7 or earlier, tap on Delete Account. The next step is to tap Sign Out once more, and then tap Delete from My iPhone. Enter your password, and then go back to Settings. Tap on General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. You might be asked for your Apple ID and password if you turned on Find My iPhone. Enter the passcode, and then tap Erase. Finally, get in touch with your carrier to get help with transferring the service to the buyer.

External Cleaning

Now that you have erased your data from the device, it is time to clean it up and make it look pretty. Make sure that you clean the screen, as well as any ports and other areas where dust and dirt can collect. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the device, and if there is a lot of dirt, use a can of compressed air to get rid of dust and dirt in any of the ports. Once it is cleaned up, take photos of the iPad so you can show it in the best light when you advertise it for sale.


You can make more money if you include extras in the sale. So, be sure to pack up any extras you have for the device, such as cables, chargers, etc. You might be surprised at just how much more you can charge for an old iPad when you include bonuses. Also, if you have the original packaging, make sure that you pack the device in it. Again, this is going to increase the resale value, and you will walk away with more cash in your pocket.

Selling Your Old iPad

Now, you can sell your old iPad. There are several routes you can take to do this. If you just want to sell locally, you can use local bulletin boards, classified ads in the newspaper, etc. You can also advertise on local Facebook buy and sell groups. Craigslist is a popular option, but remember, you need to be careful and be sure to only meet potential buyers in public, well-lit areas. There are also websites that are devoted to buying and selling old iPads and other devices, like Gadget Salvation, and you can often get the most money by doing it this way.

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