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It seems like as soon as you make the decision to upgrade your Samsung smartphone, a newer and better model becomes available. But, how can you afford it when you already have an older version that is perfectly good? Sell Samsung Smartphone, and use the money you get to put towards the cost of a new one. Someone else gets to upgrade to the version you have, and you get to upgrade to a newer version. It’s a win/win situation for everyone. Before you can sell your old phone, you need to get it ready to sell, by cleaning it up, inside and out. If you don’t know how to prepare an older Samsung smartphone for sale, we can help. Read on to learn more.


Back Up Your Files

The first thing you need to do is back up your files so you don’t lose anything important, including family photos, address books, etc. There are many ways you can do this, but the best, and easiest, is to use the Android backup system. You can find this on your phone’s settings. Your files will be backed up to your Google account, and then you can put everything on your new phone later.


Many people don’t realize just how many files they will need to back up. For instance, if you have music on your phone, unless you want to start all over again, you need to back it all up so you can listen to it again when you get your new phone. Don’t forget about videos as well, along with any other file that you want to keep.

Use Device Transfer Tools

You can also use device transfer tools to make it easy to transfer all of your files from the old one to a newer version. Samsung has its own content transfer tools, and it will even back up all of your SMS messages. Another option is to use transfer apps, such as SMS Backup, which will let you transfer your messages to your new phone. It is still a good idea to do a backup anyway, but this is going to make it certain that you are not going to lose any important files and messages.


Clear the Phone

Once you have backed up and transferred all of your files, it is time to get them off the old phone so the next user doesn’t have access to any of your personal files. Unless you know for sure who you are selling the phone to, you never really know who is buying it, and they may want to use your information to commit identity fraud and theft.


Take out the micro SD card, and take out the SIM card. When clearing the phone, make sure that you are using the actual reset option, and not the option that some devices have that let you reset the phone without actually clearing it. You want to get all of your information off the phone before you sell it. For Android users, simply go to Settings, then use the reset option and confirm that you are erasing all of the content.

Clean the Phone

Finally, before you sell your Samsung phone, make sure that you clean it up and make it look as good as possible. The better condition it is in, and the better it looks, the more money you are going to make. If you have the original packaging, include it as well, along with any accessories that you may have for the phone. You can make more money when you include more items in the sale. You can get new accessories for your new phone.

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