Going on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend piles and piles of money. Some people are able to go away for a week or longer and only spend a few hundred dollars. The trick is to travel smart, and to do your homework before you travel. Here are some tips that will help you save money on your next vacation.

1) Request Travel Gifts

If you are going to be graduating soon, having a birthday, etc., request that any gifts people give you be travel-related, such as cash and gift cards. The more you receive in gifts, the less money you are going to have to spend out of your own pocket.


2) Buy an Unlocked Phone

It is always a good idea to have a phone with you when you travel, in case of emergency. You can get phones that have the SIM slot unlocked. Then, you can get SIM cards for any country that you are visiting.

3) Eat Cheap at Home

Before you travel, look at ways to cut your everyday spending so you have more money to travel with. For instance, instead of going to restaurants all the time, eat at home and save that money for your vacation fund.


4) Bring Your Own Food

If you are able to, bring along your own food for your trip. Most hotel rooms have refrigerators and microwaves, so you can easily have a few groceries and prepare simple meals so you don’t have to spend all of your money on restaurants.


5) Buy a Used Laptop

You will likely want to have your laptop with you on vacation, but you don’t necessarily need to take anything expensive. It is a good idea to buy used laptop that you can travel with. That way, if it is lost or stolen, you aren’t out a whole lot of money.


6) Ask for the Right Days Off

If you schedule your vacation to begin in the middle of the week, you can get better rates on air fares and hotels. Fares, accommodations, etc. are always more expensive on the weekends. The cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday.


7) Look at Flight Costs

A lot of people think it is cheaper and easier to book round-trip tickets. But, even though this might be easier, it is often not the least expensive way to travel. In many cases, you can save a lot of money if you book two one-way flights instead of a return trip.


8) Free Extended Stopovers

A great way to pack more into a vacation is to take advantage of stopovers. Look for flights that have multi legs, so you can enjoy visiting different areas during your vacation.


9) Use Public Transportation

Unless you are in a hurry to get somewhere, it really isn’t necessary to rent a car or use taxis when you are on vacation. Public transportation is faster, cheaper, and often easier. Sometimes, public transportation can be a very interesting experience.


10) Take Overnight Trains

You can book travel on overnight trains and busses. This is a great way to travel without having to spend money on a room to sleep in. You can sleep while you are on the road.


11) Use the 6 Block Rule

If you want to save money on food, don’t eat at restaurants within six blocks of a major tourist site. You can be sure that the food is going to be more expensive, and not any better than the cheaper places that are farther away.


12) Check out Markets

You can get a lot of great deals on food, clothing, jewelry, etc. at morning markets. This is a great way to eat cheap, and get to enjoy food that is grown and prepared by locals.


13) Don’t Overpay

There is no reason why you should have to overpay for anything. Ask locals about the best deals on food, activities, transportation, etc. and only pay what the locals are paying.


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