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Tips for Growing a Great Beard

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It seems that beards are more popular right now than they have ever been, and everywhere you look, there are men sporting great looking beards. If you have tried but failed in growing a great beard, it may be because you aren’t doing it right. There is a lot more to it than simply letting your facial hair grow. You need to take care of your beard and encourage it to grow, and to grow into a shape that looks great and suits you. Here are a few tips that will help you get a really great looking beard.


Choose the Right Shape

The shape of your beard should suit the shape of your face. You may want to go online and look at charts that show the best type of beard for each face shape, once your beard has had time to come in. If you don’t choose the right shape, it isn’t going to look right on you, and you will have wasted a lot of time growing the beard in the first place.


Know When and How to Trim

Obviously, in order to keep your beard looking great, you will need to trim it regularly, even if you are trying to grow it out. It is important to have a good quality trimmer, and learn the best techniques for trimming any style of beard. Any good barber in New York can give you great styling and trimming tips.


Patience is a Virtue

When it comes to growing a nice beard, you really do need to be patient. It isn’t going to happen overnight. You will likely want to start styling your beard as soon as it starts to come in. Try to be patient and avoid doing this. In fact, don’t touch it at all for at least four to six weeks. This will give the hairs time to grow in evenly. Once the beard has come in, then you can start growing it longer and styling it.


Resist the Itch

For the first few weeks while the beard is coming in, your face is going to be itchy. Many men end up shaving at this point, because they can’t stand the itchiness. But, if you can get past this, after a few weeks it will no longer be an issue.


Keep it Clean

It is particularly important to make sure that you wash your beard regularly, especially when you are first starting to grow it. Food and skin cells get trapped in the hairs, and not only is this going to look dirty, it will cause more itchiness. Your beard should be washed several times weekly with a special cleanser, and then patted dry with a soft towel.


Train Your Beard

In addition to trimming your beard regularly, you should also be combing or brushing it to train the hairs to grow downward. You can even get a soft-hold beard styler, which is helpful when you want to tame any hairs that just don’t want to stay in place.


Pay Attention to Your Mustache

You also need to make sure that you pay good attention to your mustache. Trim the area that is under your nose (the philtrum) with a good pair of grooming scissors. If you want, you can also use a mustache wax to keep it sculpted.


Follow a Healthy Diet

Your diet affects hair growth, including facial hair. This means that you need to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes lean meats, egg yolks, nuts, leafy greens, and milk. You may even want to start using special dietary supplements that are made specifically for beard growth.


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