Increase Your Online Security while Traveling with Mobile Devices

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Technology allows us to be online and in contact with everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where we are, via the use of mobile devices. Unfortunately, technology also allows unscrupulous types to hack into your devices, steal your information, and steal your identity. Thankfully there are steps that you can take to protect yourself, even when you are traveling. Cloud technology allows you to connect to your files from anywhere that you can find an Internet connection, from your home to your office to a coffee shop in the middle of Paris. But, you need to know how to protect these files from hackers. Here are some things to consider.


Business Security

Anything from security breaches to losing your device can happen, especially when you are traveling. Then, all it takes is for the wrong person to find your device, retrieve the data, and then use it to their advantage and possibly steal your identity and commit fraud. If you use a business security solution that extends to mobile devices, you will have added protection that can keep you from becoming a victim of fraud. You will be able to use security features on all of the mobile devices used in your business, and even have the ability to lock them remotely, and locate lost and stolen devices.


Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

One of the first things you need to do is look into virtual private networking, or VPN. This creates a tunnel that your data travels through which is highly protected. Once you have VPN for Android, there will essentially be a wall blocking your device from anyone else who is using the network. Your information will move only between the connected server and your device. If you want to find out which VPN service is best for you, check out reviews at Best VPN Analysis.



It is also a good idea to invest in a hotspot. The last thing you want to do is connect to a public WiFi, because others can easily access your device and files. A hotspot will allow you to always be connected, no matter where you are. If you have a smartphone with unlimited data, you can create a hotspot by connecting a laptop to your iPhone or Android device. There is likely going to be a monthly fee to tether the laptop to the device, but it is well worth it to have that added security while online with the device. You also will never have to search for a connection.



The password is still one of the main tried and true methods of protecting your mobile devices and files. Passwords have really improved over the years, and now you can even have picture passwords, fingerprint passwords, etc. No one but those who are approved will be able to log onto the device and access any information. Passwords are a lot easier these days, so you have absolutely no excuse not to use them. If you don’t, you can expect trouble eventually because hackers are always out there, looking for files to access and identities to steal.


Other Security

There are also many other types of security features you can install to make sure that your information is safe. App level security is offered so you can protect individual apps. Another good feature to use is Find My Device, which helps you find a laptop that has been lost or stolen. Remote Wipe will allow you to wipe all of your information remotely if your device is lost or stolen. That way, you can make sure that no one else is able to get your data.


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