Everything You need to Know about Sending Out Wedding Invitations

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There is a lot of etiquette involved in creating and sending out wedding invitations. These days, couples are getting pretty creative with their invitations, but they are still sticking to the basic rules of etiquette, because it is what most people are expecting. Your wedding invitations are among the most important elements of your wedding, so you need to make sure that you get them created and sent out in plenty of time. You also need to know about wedding invitation etiquette, so here are some tips for you to keep in mind.

  • When to Send Out Invitations – No one wants to receive a last minute invitation to a wedding. It shows not only poor etiquette on your part, but also poor planning. Make sure that your invitations are sent out at least six to eight weeks prior to your wedding date, so guests have lots of time to rearrange schedules, make travel arrangements, arrange for baby sitters, etc. Save the date notifications should go out six to eight months prior to the wedding.
  • When to Make the RSVP Deadline – The RSVP date should be two to three weeks prior to the wedding date. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to get an accurate head count for the caterer, and finish up the seating chart. If some guests haven’t responded by this time, contact them to ask for their RSVP via email.
  • How to Ensure an Adults Only Wedding – A lot of couples don’t want children at their weddings, for a variety of reasons. But, it can be difficult to ask invited guests to not bring their children along. How do you do this without being insulting? Address each invitation by name, and not “and guest”. If you receive replies with children’s names, contact the guests and politely inform them that this is an adults-only event. If you can afford it, offer to pay for childcare as a friendly gesture.
  • How to Inform Guests about Your Dress Code – It may be that you want to have a specific type of dress code for your wedding. The best way to inform invited guests about a dress code is to mention it in the lower right-hand corner of the invitation, or on a reception card. It should say something like “black tie”, “cocktail dress”, “casual dress” etc. Make sure that the type of font on the invitation matches the theme and dress code. If it is casual, use a casual font. If it is formal, make the font a fancy script.

Save the Date Ideas

Along with invitations, couples today are also sending out save the date notifications. This way, invited guests will have a reminder about the wedding date so they can make arrangements to be able to celebrate your special day with you. Here are some save the date notification ideas.

  1. Sticker Magnet – This is a great way to make sure that your invited guests don’t forget about your big day, because they can stick it on their fridge so they see it daily leading up to your wedding. Check out Custom Button Company for ideas for magnets.
  2. Comic Book – If you and your spouse to be are into comics, why not make your save the date notice in a comic book theme? It will show your relationship up to now, ending with your wedding date.
  3. Puzzles – Let those you invite have fun with your save the date notice by turning it into a puzzle. A word search puzzle is the ideal option here, and it shows your playful side.
  4. Classic – If you don’t want to have something that seems cliched or too playful, you may want to opt for a classic save the date notice. This is often the best choice for black tie affairs.

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