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10 Moving Tips for a Smooth and Easy Move

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Have you ever noticed that the minute you say you are going to be moving to a new home, all of your friends suddenly disappear or have plans for the day you plan to move? That is because no one likes moving. It is one of the most annoying jobs in the world, for a number of reasons. But, there are many things you can do to make the job a lot easier. Here are 10 tips that will help you have a smooth and easy move.


1) Pack an Overnight Bag

After a long day of moving, you are likely not going to feel like unpacking anything, but there are personal items you will need right away. Pack these in an overnight bag so you can find them easily when you need them. Things to pack include toiletries, a change of clothing, diapers and other items for babies, and even a few snacks.


2) Use Clear Plastic Bins

Pack items that you are going to need first in clear plastic bins. That way, you won’t be digging through boxes trying to find everything you need. You can see into them, and be able to grab the box you need without wasting any time rifling through other boxes.


3) Save Money on Packing Materials

Instead of spending money on packing materials, let the materials you already have do double duty. For instance, when packing your clothing, use it to wrap up plates and other breakables. It is better than bubble wrap, and free. Use socks to wrap glassware such as wine glasses. Scarves are also great to use as wrapping materials.


4) Make Sure You are Insured

You need to know that your possessions are going to be protected during the move. Make sure that the moving company you use offers insurance for goods in transit. That way, if anything should happen, you will be able to replace anything that is lost or damaged during the move.


5) Mark the Boxes

Unpacking and setting up your new home is easier when the boxes are labeled. Make sure they are marked with what they contain, as well as the room they are supposed to go into. This also makes things easier for the movers, because they will know where to put everything.


6) Clean Your New Home

If it is possible, go to the new home prior to the move and clean the bathroom and kitchen, and maybe even the rest of the house. That will make one less thing you have to do on moving day, and you can concentrate on moving instead of cleaning.


7) Photograph Electronics

Remembering how to reconnect all of your electronics, including entertainment systems and computers, can be difficult. Make it easier by taking photos before they are disconnected. That way, you have a visual to go by when setting everything back up.


8) Use Dresser Drawers

Rather than waste time packing the clothing in your dresser, simply use the drawers as boxes. All you have to do is cover them with plastic wrap, and tape it to the sides. That way, nothing will fall out. If you want to make it even more secure, place each wrapped drawer inside a garbage bag.


9) Use what You already Have

Instead of going on the hunt for boxes, take advantage of what you already have. Use your hampers, baskets, totes, gym bags, etc. for packing as much stuff as possible.


10) Be Ready for the Movers

It is a good idea to start packing a few weeks before the move if possible. That way, you have plenty of time to make sure that everything is packed and ready for the movers when they arrive.


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